8 Farm-Themed Books Your Toddler Will Love


Animal books are like catnip for toddlers! Grab one of these books and sit down with a toddler in your lap, and you’re bound to have a happy kid.



No Sleep for the Sheep

My kids have both loved this one, about a cranky sheep who gets super upset when all the other animals can’t be quiet and keep waking him up.


Little Blue Truck by Alan Shertle

This one is actually about a small, helpful truck. But the truck is friends with all sorts of farm animals, who end up helping him rescue a big, mean dump truck.


Farmyard Beat by Lindsay Brown

The beat in this book is so fun and catchy. I sometimes find myself humming lines from it later! “Chicks can’t sleep, chicks can’t sleep, chicks can’t sleep ’cause they got that beat! Peep! Peep! Peep-Peep-Peep!”


Baby Farm Animals

Williams’s classic illustrations make this simple book adorably irresistible.


The Animals of Farmer Jones by Richard Scarry

Illustrated by Richard Scarry, this is a sweet little story about animals who are ready for their dinner (and are mooing/neighing/gobbling) to express their hunger, but Farmer Jones is running late to feed them.


Farmyard Tales from Usborne Books

These little stories about Poppy and Sam, a brother and sister who live on a farm, are really cute. And they have an audiobook edition of this one, which is perfect for kids in the car! (Just be warned – my 2 year old insists on staying in the garage when we get home until the audiobook is over.)


Who Said Moo? by Harriet Ziefert

An awesome little toddler mystery – the rooster hears someone say moo, and sets off to interrogate all the other animals. “Did you say moo?” “No, I say oink!” until he finds the moo-er.


Honk Honk! Baa Baa! by Petr Horacek

All of Petr Horacek’s books are exquisite – he’s such a good artist. This one features high-contrast illustrations of happy farm animals, with a little surprise at the end.


What farm-themed books do YOU love?