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Marwa Abdelbary is a physical therapist and co-founder of Tiny Tots Therapy, LLC. Tiny Tots Therapy’s multidisciplinary and multilingual team consists of dedicated and talented occupational, physical, and speech therapists; with the collaboration of various pediatricians, counselors, and psychologists, they meet the growing needs for individualized quality therapeutic services for your child. Connect with Tiny Tots Therapy on Twitter.

How to Encourage Toddlers’ Movement, Social Skills, and Language Development

Watching toddlers develop is a fun and exciting period. Hours of tummy time, crawling, and scooting have all helped little ones’ bodies grow while acquiring strength and coordination skills. But throughout toddlerhood, there are a few new movements, in particular, to watch out for: Walking is, of course, the most notable milestone of toddlerhood. Although many children walk before age 1,...

3 Movies to Promote Critical Thinking in Your Children

From fantasy creatures and heroic adventures to lighthearted fun, movies are magical to children. But they can inspire more than just play time.A Lancaster University study shows that inspiring movies can increase children’s critical thinking skills and encourage them to be more imaginative. These visual parables teach children a variety of lessons and serve as catalysts for budding imaginations...

5 Activities to Keep Your Children Moving — Even in the Winter

As an adult, do you ever feel the need to get outside, go for a walk, or hit the gym to relieve stress and nervous energy? Well, children have those same urges to fend off cabin fever every day.Thankfully, movement is one of the best medications, and physical activity can help prevent many adverse health effects later in life.Studies...