Making Time For Togetherness After Baby


As your new bundle of joy enters the world, it’s natural to feel so in love with your baby, especially when he or she looks up at you with those big eyes! When you finally get to bring your baby home, you spend all your time feeding, changing, and cuddling them up — you know, the normal mom thing! As time goes on, you spend time making your world revolve around your baby, because obviously ,they need you, that you forget to make time for you and your spouse as a couple.  It’s okay. It happens, but here are ways you can fix it.

Make a Date Night

I know, you’re probably rolling your eyes and thinking, “and how is that supposed to happen?” Well, it’s time to get creative. Can you trust any family members or a friend to babysit for at least two or three hours? If not, don’t worry. Make your date night right in the comfort of your home. Your child has to sleep sometime, right? As soon as you get baby down for the night, cuddle on the couch with your husband and watch a movie. Throw in some popcorn and it’s the next best thing to going to the movies!

Write Love Notes

Maybe the last time you ever wrote a note was back in high school, but that’s okay. Take those creative skills and get to work. Write a love note to your husband and leave it for him in the morning or read it to him yourself. This will let him know you are still thinking about him and care for him. Not to mention, it will mean the world to him that you took the time to write that note. Maybe he’ll even return the favor and write one to you!

Plan a Routine

Whether you’re the kind of person to make plans and follow routines or not, if you want to carve out time to be a couple, this can really work. Plan a night that you two can throw in a DVD. You can do anything that you both enjoy together. Aside from planning a night alone each week for something fun, getting baby into a bedtime routine and put them down each night at the same time will help you carve out time for yourself too. This will benefit you and your husband so you can have a chance to communicate more.

Make Time For Yourself

I know — this is supposed to be about how to spend more time with together, but to really devote yourself, you have to take time for yourself too. You have to feel good about yourself physically and mentally to be able to give your best to your husband.