Staying Positive While Trying to Conceive


It’s said that the average woman tries for 6 months to a year before she finally conceives. Most of the women in my family were able to conceive quickly, so I never dreamed I would struggle so much with it. There’s nothing my husband and I want more than to start a family. With 7 months of trying under our belt, astro13we’ve yet to conceive. What makes it hardest for me is that I’ve not really discussed my conception journey with anyone. My best friend suffers from PCOS, a syndrome that makes conception nearly impossible, and I hate burdening her with my own struggles when I know she has little chance at conception. My parents are so eager for me to have children that I’m so afraid I won’t be able to do that for them.

That leaves my husband and me alone on our conception journey. The hardest part about trying to conceive is all the negative pregnancy tests. Not only do I have get my hopes up every month, but I also have to let my husband down when the test tells me no. We talk about our conception journey often. From the good parts to the emotional aspects. We always talk about the “what if” and our actions if I can’t conceive. But, focusing on the negatives isn’t what I’ll remember about trying to conceive. Working toward conception has been the best thing for our relationship.

Using Astroglide TTC to Stay Close During Conception

Not only has trying to conceive made it easier for my husband and I to spend time together, but it has given us a chance to reconnect. We talk more now than we ever did before. As a couple who has been together forttc quite some time, we spent more time working than trying to get to know each other again. However, trying to conceive has let us spend time reconnecting. Astroglide TTC has been a big support for us. Not only does it make all our attempts at conception easier, but it gives us peace of mind knowing that conception can be in our future.

The Astroglide TTC is specially formulated to help improve sperm mobility. It mimics the natural pH levels and osmolity in my body to increase the likelihood of sperm reaching my egg. I also love that it comes in prefilled and easy to use applicators to make our intimate moments easier.


Stay Positive for Easier Conception

astroglide4Astroglide TTC makes our conception journey smoother and more positive for my husband and me. The support we have for each other has helped us stay optimistic. We’ve enjoyed trying to conceive and the time we get to spend with each other. Not only do we have a good outlook on our future as parents, but we also know there are options for us if conception isn’t in the cards. We’ve talked about our desire to adopt or to go through fertility treatments if natural conception doesn’t happen. The idea that we have a plan for our family’s future allows us to remain positive even though the negative.

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Astroglide TTC™ sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine

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