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Coloring Tips to Help You Create Lifelong Memories With Your Kids

When I was a child I colored, sketched and painted every day. It was a certainty. One other certainty in my heart at that time was that I'd one day be a "mom."Much time has passed. I've been so many different things along the way, and my path was often winding. But here I am today; all grown up...

10 Great Toys for a Crafty Kid

great toys for crafty kids
There’s nothing like seeing a child’s creativity come to life when she’s painting a picture or making something with her hands. Crafty kids are always looking for their next creation. As parents we often only break out the crafts during certain holidays. But there are so many other craft ideas out there that will spark your child’s imagination year...

How to Visit an Art Museum with Your Kids

visit an art museum
Art museums and kids. They’re two things that you may think don’t go together at all. Truth be told, a visit to an art museum is a great family activity. But, just like any other activity with the kids, it’s all in the planning. Just like you gear up for a family road trip, you need to get ready...