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3 Movies to Promote Critical Thinking in Your Children

From fantasy creatures and heroic adventures to lighthearted fun, movies are magical to children. But they can inspire more than just play time.A Lancaster University study shows that inspiring movies can increase children’s critical thinking skills and encourage them to be more imaginative. These visual parables teach children a variety of lessons and serve as catalysts for budding imaginations...

10 Thanksgiving Movies For Kids

'Tis the season to give thanks, and that applies to everyone, no matter how young.  This time of year is a great opportunity to teach your kids about being grateful  for what they have and giving back whenever possible.What better way to cement those important teachings than with an age-appropriate, Thanksgiving-themed movie?  These are some of the best, so...

Prepping a Perfect Family Movie Night

Family Movie Night! A fantastic way to get everyone in the same room, doing the same thing right? Less so if you can't find a movie for everyone to enjoy (including yourself!)  or, god forbid, burn the popcorn and stink up the whole house.With only a little advanced planning and research you can create a fun evening and avoid...