Top 18 Surprising Smoothies For You


Breakfast is a most important meal of the day. It is a must to have for working efficiently entire day. It is necessary for anyone to have a healthy starting so that day should go smooth. Smoothies are the best choice to have as a breakfast meal.

Smoothie’s preparation

Smoothies consist of lots of fruits or vegetables. With this, smoothies also include dairy product or some other healthy product which totally depends on you. It should be added with some sweeteners for getting energy whole day. You can add as many as ingredients to make it a healthy starter.  Here are some recipes for a flawless result.

  • Smoothies made with almonds: Starting your day with almonds can be a good thought. Ingredients are one banana, 5 tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of butter, yogurt, almonds (as much as you want), and ¾ cup of milk.1/2 teaspoon vanilla powder. You can crash almonds & mix them with ¾ cup of milk. Add everything of ingredient & mix well. Now it is ready to eat.
  • Orange squash: It is quite easy & healthy smoothie. It requires only orange juice mix with vanilla whey powder with 2-3 ice cubes. Work is done & it is ready. It is not complete alone & can be eaten with other breakfast of your choice.
  • Strawberry mix with banana: Strawberries & banana are full of nutrients & always good to start your day. Mix ½ cup of strawberries with the same quantity of banana. Add ½ cup of almond milk with 1 tablespoon of yogurt & don’t forget about vanilla extract.
  • Pie made of sweet potatoes: 1 1/4 cups rice milk, 1 1/2 cups mashed, cooked the sweet potato, 1 banana, 1 teaspoon vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, ice cubes. Now you mash & mix every ingredient & here is your healthy breakfast is ready.
  • Smoothies with oats: Nowadays oats are proven to be a healthy food. With oats, we can make lots of smoothies. Various oats meals can be formed by mixing different fruits with oats.
  1. Oats with strawberry
  2. Oats with banana
  3. Oats with blueberry
  4. Oats with chocolates

There are lots of options for healthy oats smoothies. These can be made by mixing vanilla extract & added sweets. Yogurt or butter can be added to milk. You can opt to make it salty as well with black pepper. This totally depends on your choice & taste.

  • Chocolate with yogurt: Chocolate milk can be a good food with banana & raspberry. If you want it healthier then you can add yogurt & cinnamon as well.

These recipes were made of fruits & are great for breakfast. Now we will see recipes with fruits as well as vegetables.

  • Spinach with berries: Spinach is known for its power giving. When it is added to berries & milk with vanilla extract then this combination is a superb choice for a smoothie.
  • Pumpkin with a banana smoothie: Pumpkin with banana & lofty cream can be a great smoothie with antioxidant effects. You can add more to it according to your choice. It could be milk with vanilla extract or yogurt, you can decide in the best manner.
  • Flaxseeds with spinach: Spinach is known for its goodness flaxseed will add more to it. The combination of both can be good to take care of your heart. Additionally, you can include milk, butter, yogurt & fruits as per your preference.
  • Sweet kale: Kale is quite bitter in taste but is full of vitamins & proteins. Its bitter taste can be removed or lessen with the help of banana. Hemp seed, Milk & butter are obvious choices.
  • The combination of sweet coconut with bitter kale: Mix 1 cup chopped kale with coconut milk & extract. You can mix flax seeds with honey as well, the decision is yours.
  • Pear with avocado: Avocado with pear & tofu can be a healthy smoothie with a change in taste for your tongue.
  • Only lots of dates with honey or cream can be good for you with many advantages.
  • Brown rice with vegetables: One bowl full of brown rice with lofty vegetable included in it can give you feeling of completeness with loads of energy.
  • Lassi: Lassi with a variety of fruits or without fruits can make your day.

These were tasty & healthy recipes for your breakfast which can make your day full of energy & keep you active. If you have more suggestion then you are most welcome to share your comments.










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