6 Ways Technology Can Keep Your Children Safe


Child safety is more than just not talking to strangers. It’s also about protecting minors from the dangers of the world around them as well as from what is lurking on the Internet. Although children today are showing signs of being independent at a younger age, it doesn’t mean we can’t keep them safe. Through the universal language of technology, you can keep your son or daughter safe with a simple app, gadget, or software download. Here are six ways technology can help.

Download an Internet Security Tool

A great way to keep your child’s device and its information safe is by keeping its Internet security tools up-to-date. This is especially recommended for those who frequently use shared Wi-Fi. Hotspot Shield is a free app available for both Android and Apple devices. It encrypts traffic to protect users from all types of spying while on a shared Wi-Fi. You can also unblock websites typically restricted in a public Wi-Fi location, as well as protect the device from malware threats, phishing sites, and apps.

Parental Controls and Monitoring

There are several types of parental controls and monitoring software available that can help keep children safe on the Internet. They allow parents to track their children’s digital movements including who they meet, what they post, and which websites they visit:

  • Social Shield – This software lets parents monitor their children on social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It also flags posts, photos, and even friends who may be of concern.
  • SafetyWeb – This software collects available public information and social networking accounts on your child. It also collects family information on cell phone plans and parent Facebook accounts. Parents can then be alerted about potential dangerous events through email or text.

Project Eve Moms 6 Ways Technology Can Keep Your Children Safe

Home Automation System

Even teens need to feel safe when they come home. With a home automation system by ADT, your son or daughter can come home to an empty house and not feel alone. The lights can be on and music playing on the stereo. Besides covering the basics of home security, your home automation systems can also allow your child to:

  • Answer the door from any phone in the house
  • Automate your lights to turn on when no one is home
  • Unlock the door from your smartphone or program your locks to unlock at specific times of the day
  • Control your home entertainment system through voice recognition or a touch of a button

Promoting Safe Driving

If you have a teenager with a driver’s license, one of a parent’s worst nightmares is he or she texting and driving. However, for a small monthly fee, txtBlocker blocks a user from texting while driving and can be customized to prevent these actions when in certain “No-Cell Zone” locations such as school. While this only blocks someone from texting, an app such as My Mobile Watchdog allows parents to monitor all text and picture messages, as well as use a location tracker so you know where you children is when he or she is not with you.

Project Eve Moms 6 Ways Technology Can Keep Your Children Safe

Keep Track of Younger Children

For those children who are too young to have a smartphone, you can still have peace of mind knowing where they are with an Findster Kids – The GPS Tracker for Kids. This child-friendly smart home device works as a parent app and portal, and allows you to track your child with updates every five minutes. It also has two-way calling capabilities so you can stay in touch as well.

Finally, you can set up safe zones and receive informational alerts when your child enters and leaves them. You can also receive SOS alerts letting you know your child has an emergency. It is connected with the National Sex Offender Registry and sends alerts when your son or daughter is within 500 feet of an offender’s residence.

Project Eve Moms 6 Ways Technology Can Keep Your Children Safe


Pool Alarm

Because drowning is the leading cause of death for youngsters under 4 years old, it’s important that you always keep your backyard pool safeguarded. With the PoolGuard’s In-Ground Swimming Alarm, you won’t have to worry about your child jumping in the pool when you’re not looking. The alarm will sound any time an object or person more than 18 pounds hits the water. This device comes with an in-house remote receiver that has a range up to 200 feet.

Project Eve Moms 6 Ways Technology Can Keep Your Children Safe

From smartphone apps to GPS locators, these are just a few ways that technology can keep your children safe.