Belly to Baby: How Earthing Keeps Us Grounded


Belly to Baby

My husband and I began trying to conceive our son in August of 2013. While we didn’t succeed the first month, we had heard stories of couples taking several months if not years to conceive, so we weren’t worried. My 29th birthday came at the beginning of September, and with it a gift of my first grounded bed sheet and yoga mat. I thought it was cool, as I knew of the benefits of Earthing, but I didn’t expect to notice any drastic changes. I’m the outdoors type, spend my time barefoot as often as social constraints will allow, and am healthy, with no nagging injuries or anything I could’ve hoped to improve. I feel it’s more than a coincidence that after just 3 weeks of sleeping grounded we were pregnant.

Project Eve Moms Belly to Baby: How Earthing Keeps Us Grounded
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My first trimester went quite smoothly. It seems as though just about everyone has some sort of pregnancy horror story. Of course, like just about any new mama, I could find plenty of gripes, but nothing like any other story I’ve heard. Morning sickness never occurred, and in the face of monstrous sugar cravings I managed to eat well enough to only gain 23 pounds. As an avid mountain biker for several years before pregnancy, I continued to ride until I was 29 weeks. I never stopped my yoga practice, and even used many poses and techniques during labor. I don’t think that sleeping grounded was the only reason I had such an ‘easy’ (for lack of a better term- pregnancy is not easy!) pregnancy. I do, however, think that it had a lot to do with it. My belief is that wellness is not a two-way street of diet and exercise, rather a triangle complete with Earthing. Pregnancy and childbirth are no exception.

I slept grounded the remainder of my pregnancy, which was largely uneventful. I worked my fast paced, high energy job until four weeks before my due date. By then my son had dropped so low into my pelvis it was far too hard for me to continue. I went into labor six days early. Contractions began in the middle of the night, and I found myself able to breathe through them very well while staying in bed on my grounding sheet, occasionally getting on hands and knees for the stronger contractions. When daylight came, I took a long bath and did a few chores; I knew intuitively that we still had awhile to go. I brought my grounded yoga mat to the living room and continued to labor and nap on it, taking brakes periodically to walk barefoot outside. I spent the entirety of the in-home portion of my labor grounded. It was surprisingly manageable! I went on to successfully deliver my son as planned in the hospital without any epidural or medication, after 27 hours. I don’t believe I could’ve managed unmedicated childbirth without having spent the first half of labor connected to our Earth’s calming, healing energy. If the hospital would have allowed my Earthing yoga mat, I’d have been connected for the entire thing.

My son is now five months old and thriving.   We have kept him grounded almost constantly since he was born. I take him to the park every morning for fresh air, ‘tummy time’, and of course, Earthing. He’s been a great baby. We transitioned him seamlessly at four months from his bassinet next to our bed to his crib in his own room, which we also have grounded. He doesn’t yet sleep through the night, but he is on a consistent, predictable schedule that I feel is thanks to the Earth’s energy balancing his circadian rhythm. I look forward to sharing more grounded baby stories as he grows and starts to get dirty!