Best Sports for Your Child’s Personality


Project Eve Moms Best Sports for Your Child's Personality  As a parent, knowing and understanding your child’s unique personality is vitally important to ensuring their happiness and success as they grow. Unfortunately, we all know that one parent who almost appears to be living vicariously through their child. Where it almost appears as if the child could not be more unhappy, while they attempt to go through the motions of the sport simply to appease their parent(s). There is a notable difference between a child wanting to play a sport and a parent wanting them to play a sport. Whether or not you and your child are new to the world of childhood sports, their personality should play an important role in ensuring that your child and yourself have the best possible time watching and participating in the sport of their choice.


T-Ball and Baseball are both excellent options for children of all personality types. Even the shyest ones of the bunch typically end up smiling from ear to ear when they hit or even catch the ball. If your child is new to sports, T-Ball and Baseball are excellent options to get their feet in the door to understanding what it is like to be on a team and actively participate and feel engaged in something. Best of all, T-Ball and Baseball are incredibly popular regardless of the area that you may live in, s
o more often than not, your child will have a friend on the team!


Soccer is a great sport for kid’s who are more on the shy end of the spectrum. While of course soccer is a team sport, when the ball is passed to your child they literally are able to get into their own mind’s and plan their own course of action as to how they are going to drive that ball down the field to score a goal. And the feeling that they get once they score their first goal is something that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.


Wrestling is a one-on-one sport that promotes physical contact in a healthy manner. You child will learn a tremendous amount about take-downs and grapple moves, and it can be difficult for your child if they have never learned to deal with another child attempting to exert power over them. Wrestling is a healthy, engaging sport that is really beneficial if you have multiple children who are used to “wrestling around”. However, if your little one is an only child, wrestling may come as a bit of a shell-shock to them.


Football is yet another sport that promotes physical contact and team-play. Footballs is most excellent for children who are a bit more active and eager to get physical (again, a great option if you have multiple children; possibly less so for an only-child). Football takes a tremendous amount of coordination and your child should be used to being social as they will have to make verbal contact with their team-mates to ensure the proper course of action of the play.

Regardless, of what your child’s unique personality may be, there is, of course, a perfect sports fit for them out there. Signing them up when they show interest is a great way to allow them to get their feet wet and decide for themselves if the sport is something that they would like to proceed with or not. With positive support and encouragement, you can watch your child develop and flourish a way that is perfectly their very own.