- Making Cold and Flu Season More Manageable

Each fall, I welcome the consistent routine that comes with the back to school schedule. However, when school starts I know that cold and flu season is also just around the corner.  Cold and flu season is bad enough but as a parent, it seems to turn the everyday juggling you do into a Cirque du Soleil-worthy routine. If your kid is too sick for school will you be able to work? Run errands? Get them what they need to feel better?

I remember one night a couple years ago when my son had a high fever when my husband was out of town. The doctor recommended alternating between children’s acetaminophen and ibuprofen. This worked well enough to get the fever to a more reasonable level and let him rest. However, as he dozed off just after 7pm, I went to grab a fresh bottle of ibuprofen from my medicine cabinet for the next dose and realized I was out.   I had to choose between waking him up to get to our neighborhood drugstore before it closed or bundling him up late-night when he woke up and the fever was creeping back up so we could get to the one 24-hour pharmacy in town. Sometimes it seems like there are no good options.

Fortunately, there is a new service on the scene to help you get the prescriptions you need
without dragging yourself or your kids to the pharmacy when it seems almost impossible to get there.  I just registered with RobinHealth so I’m all set to get both prescriptions and OTC medications delivered without leaving home before even one of us has the sniffles.

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Whether you are nursing yourself or your kids back to health, why should you have to rally to go out to the drugstore and wait around for a prescription to get filled when you are least capable of doing so?

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Even when getting a prescription doesn’t involve sick little ones it can get complicated. Last fall I went to the drugstore with what I thought was more than enough time to fill my prescription and make it to the bus stop for afternoon pickup. But there was a backup and I kept waiting and waiting. I figured I would just have to leave and pick it up later but the cashier kept saying it would be one more minute. In the end, I got the prescription but ended up sprinting up four, steep, San Francisco hills to meet the school bus on time.

Luckily, RobinHealth is now on the scene ready to make your life considerably easier. Delivery is always free and RobinHealth is open 24/7 year round. When you need something urgently whether it is a prescription or OTC medication just request ASAP delivery you’ll get what you need in less than 60-minutes. For non-urgent refills, just schedule it in advance, pick a time that’s convenient for you and cross that errand off your list.

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RobinHealth is more than just an app though. They have real pharmacists available to help answer questions 24/7 too.  RobinHealth pharmacists give proactive advice about side effects and drug interactions and are always ready to answer questions. Plus, when you need refills they will coordinate directly with doctors and insurance to save you the phone tag and hassle.

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When I learned about RobinHealth  I jumped at the chance to try a delivery. I downloaded the app and set up my account in under two minutes. To get my OTC meds, I live chatted with the RobinHealth pharmacist to confirm I was getting exactly what I needed. The pharmacist also helped me pick a delivery time that worked best for me. I started getting push notifications updating me on the progress of my order. My delivery came right to my doorstep and was exactly on time. The whole process couldn’t have been easier.

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Over the last year, I’ve been trying different grocery delivery services too. So many of them have high annual fees or hidden markups on the products I’m buying.  I love knowing that RobinHealth costs the same or less than CVS and Walgreens. Also, when I need to get prescriptions, the copay is the same as CVS and Walgreens.

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So why not get a jump on cold and flu season signup for RobinHeath today?

- Making Cold and Flu Season More Manageable