National Geographic Family Field Guide and Guinness World Record Fun


For me, winter is my most challenging parenting season. We live in the Northeast, so bone-chilling, frigid winters are our reality. Another part of our reality is spending a lot of time indoors…and I mean a lot. Sure, we go out and build the occasional snowman and make a few snow angels, but the majority of time is spent inside.

While my kids are pretty good at keeping themselves entertained, there are also plenty of times when the dreaded “I’m bored” comes leaking out of their mouths. I stock up on my crafts, but even Martha Stewart’s prodigy can only handle so many glue sticks.

That’s when you start looking at various resources for inspiration to keep your sanity. I found some light at the end of the snow tunnel from National Geographic Kids. The website itself is overflowing with games to play and cool fun facts. Did you know a bat can eat 3,000 insects in one night? Well, it can. There are so many other interesting facts to uncover here alone.

Another helpful survival guide for the winter season and for all year long is the Family Field Guide.

Project Eve Moms National Geographic Family Field Guide and Guinness World Record Fun

This is an online newsletter full of articles and ideas to get the wheels turning in your kids’ minds as well as your own. One of the most useful articles I found was the 6 ideas for busting winter boredom. Whether you have five minutes, ten minutes, or more there are easy ideas to keep your kids busy. They don’t just keep your kids busy, but also get them thinking. Win-win for mom!  Once you sign-up, you get the Family Field Guide e-mailed to you every other week.

Besides innovative ideas for kids, the Family Field Guide also has some noteworthy ideas for mom. If you are the vacation planner in your home, you’ll probably enjoy the article about putting your kids in charge of vacation just as much as I did. I never really thought about all the skills that go into planning a vacation. Besides time management, there are budgeting and geography lessons to be learned.

If you’re looking for another quick idea to keep kids busy this winter, have them take part in National Geographic’s effort to create the world’s largest toilet paper sculpture. They (and you) can collect toilet paper rolls and send them in to contribute. While this is fine within itself, National Geographic is also offering the option to have the kids decorate them.

Project Eve Moms National Geographic Family Field Guide and Guinness World Record Fun

They can make each roll their own and it will be incorporated in the project. I love this idea! Needless to say, my kids will be doing this and I’ve also told their teachers in case they want to get the classes involved. As part of that effort, National Geographic also has several ideas kids can check out for its launch party including info on how to make their own model rockets. There’s also info on how to make rocket balloons.

The next time your kids utter the dreaded words, “I’m bored”, check out these cool ideas from National Geographic to beat the boredom and get their minds working.