Back when I was expecting for the first time I was determined to be somewhat spare about baby gear. I was sure everything would be just fine with a crib and some swaddling blankets.

2016 10 20 08.38.51 750x461 - New Moms My Solution to Worry Less Do MoreWhile it probably would have been “ok” if I had stuck with that plan, when you are existing on very little sleep I now firmly believe that anything you can do to get your baby to sleep longer and give you piece of what little mind you might have left is a good thing. Need a swing? Go for it! A different kind of carrier? Yes, by all means. The same goes for a video baby monitor. If having one is going to let to roll over and take a peek at your little one and then get back to sleep or even ease the pain of sleep training. I say: BRING IT ON!

Back when we had our first, the technology and security really didn’t make a video monitor
a great option. Oh, how things have changed for the better! I’ve been lucky enough to get to try a Willow HD Touchscreen PTZ Video Baby Monitor by Levana for the past couple days.

My husband takes safety and privacy very seriously. (Part of the reason you won’t see our little guy in these photos. Enjoy the demo with our kitty cat above instead!). Back when our first son was born the media did a good job of publicizing security issues with video monitors. My husband wouldn’t even consider one. Fast forward to the present day, when I showed2016 10 20 08.42.18 300x216 - New Moms My Solution to Worry Less Do More him the Willow he immediately asked about its security. I was happy to let him know that Levana has been making and perfecting baby monitors since 2002 and this model uses special secure wireless technology to fend off hackers. To further limit breaches, Levana baby monitors transmit with small, private local networks and hops between 19 different channels simultaneously. In terms of safety making the monitor wireless not only allows you to monitor the nursery and go about your day it eliminates strangulation risk for the baby or other kids in the house. I also like knowing that Levana focuses exclusively on making baby monitors so that parents and kids are always at the top of their minds.

2016 10 20 11.41.46 750x524 - New Moms My Solution to Worry Less Do MoreIn terms of usability I was thrilled with my trial runs: Gone is the grainy, black and white screen and silent movie quality of early models instead the images are full color and crisp. The sound quality is great too. The monitor also gives you a report on the room temperature and lets you set a notification to sound there is a significant temperature change.  With a touch of a button you can also actually communicate with your baby through the monitor too. If your baby is fussing you can give a soothing “shhhh” through the monitor (check out our kitty reacting to my voice in the video above). Not only do you get to stay put you get the piece of mind of seeing what might be going on to make your baby fuss.  Also, if you know your house is going to get noisy for a bit but want to keep your little one asleep there are also options to have the camera play some lullabies or white noise. My boys always seem to wake up if my husband or I arrive home after bedtime. Now we have the option of turning up the white noise and letting them stay asleepThere are great notification settings too. Ever regret letting your toddler take an endless nap and then refuse to go down at 6ad5d0d2 3e00 11e6 94d2 22000a66c666 - New Moms My Solution to Worry Less Do Morebedtime? Levana thought of that too and allows you to set notifications so your busy afternoon doesn’t turn into a miserable evening.  Once it’s time to sleep-train the Willow will be a revelation. I can already picture myself turning the volume down but getting all the information I need from the video feed. I also love knowing the monitor keeps a nice long charge  days so I have the peace of mind knowing I might be able to sit down without learning that my much-deserved break is foiled by a dead battery.


If you are trying to find a way to get a bit more done or even give yourself a break why not try a WillowHD Touchscreen PTZ Video Baby MonitorIn addition to buying direct from Levana you also have the option of getting your Willow from Babies “R” Us. I can see these as a fantastic addition to a baby shower registry.  

I’m excited to announce that the folks at Levana are offering readers a chance to win their own monitor, a $229.99 value! To learn more about the Willow click here, Levana click here. Keep up to date by following Levana on Facebook too!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Levana. The opinions and text are all mine.