Creative Ways to Cope with Pregnancy Bed Rest


Having to cope with pregnancy bed rest isn’t as easy as it might seem. After the swollen feet and achy back from pregnancy the idea of “bed rest” might seem like a breeze. I mean, what’s not to like about having to stay off your feet and have someone wait on you? Unfortunately, bed rest can get old and boring really fast. I was on bed rest toward the end of my first pregnancy, and it didn’t take long for me to start fighting the urge to just get up and do something! In my case, it was only for a few days, but some of my friends have had to endure much longer stretches – some for months – in order to carry their babies to term. If you’re facing long-term bed rest, here are some creative ways to pass the time and make the most of this temporary season in your pregnancy.

Project Eve Moms Creative Ways to Cope with Pregnancy Bed Rest

Tips to Cope with Pregnancy Bed Rest – Pick Up A Good Book

Once baby gets here – your time to curl up with a good book is going to be very limited, at least for a little while, so now’s the time to finish that novel, read those parenting books that are stacked on your nightstand, or attack that pile of magazines on the coffee table.

Tips to Cope with Pregnancy Bed Rest –Write It Down

Start a journal for your baby. Take time to write about all the feelings and experiences of your pregnancy, your hopes for your child, and have dad get in on the journal, too! If you’re more interested in digital options, you can start an online blog in a matter of minutes, and share your pregnancy journey with others.

Tips to Cope with Pregnancy Bed Rest –Call in Reinforcements

If you have other children, you may have to call for backup. While you’ll be able to do some things for them, most likely, someone else is going to have to come in and help with the childcare duties. Try and keep things as close to normal as possible, and use this time to play board games, or read a chapter book together as a family each night. Help them work on a special project for the baby, like a painting for the nursery or a scrapbook. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help with things like laundry, housework, or meals. Dad can only do so much, and he’ll need breaks now and again – especially if he’s working outside the home, too.

Tips to Cope with Pregnancy Bed Rest –Keep it Within Arm’s Reach

As you get settled for the day, make sure that all of the things you’ll need are close by. Keep things like snacks, water bottles, tissues, books, a hairbrush, hand cream, and lip balm in a basket that can go where you do. Keep the phone and laptop (along with their chargers!) within close reach, and keep the TV remote handy, too.

Tips to Cope with Pregnancy Bed Rest – Work

Some employers will want you to use some of your maternity time against this time away from the office. If you can still perform your duties remotely see if you can negotiate a situation where you are still working while you are laid up. You’ll still want time to recover after baby is born so if you can swing it and stay healthy see if you can stay working until you absolutely have to quit.

Tips to Cope with Pregnancy Bed Rest – Delivery Services

With the proliferation of food and grocery delivery services, this tip is easier and easier to take advantage of. Almost every pregnancy craving can be satisfied with a few clicks The number of things you can get delivered is exploding and if you don’t see a local delivery service you can always take advantage of services like Task Rabit and fiver to find someone to do the things you can’t.  Need to hang some blackout curtains and assemble your crib? These are great things to farm out if you can’t get friends or family to take care of them for you. Between bed rest and the unexpected slog of getting out the door to shop for diapers and more after my first was born I felt like I single-handedly kept Amazon in business.

While bed rest can be a daunting, tiring, and frustrating task, the end goal is always a healthy mom and a healthy baby. Don’t despair over this time. It’s a blip on the radar in the grand scheme of things. Before you know it, these days of bed rest will be behind you and you’ll be holding your baby in your arms.

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