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6 Fertility Breakthroughs You Need to Know About

I know from personal experience that dealing with infertility can be an expensive, time consuming, and a monstrous emotional drain. Years ago, when my husband and I were agonizing over our diagnosis and struggling with how to start a family, doing the legwork to make sure I was as informed as I could be was an important and productive way...

Don’t Fail an IVF Cycle by Underestimating Male Factors

Male Factor Infertility The Seed Test by Episona
Over 1 million couples seek fertility care each year in the U.S. Within this group 200,000+ IVF cycles are performed annually. If you are considering IVF, there is no shortage of testing and information you can go through on the female side. What’s missing is a solid grasp of the male’s role in IVF success. Even after fertilization, an embryo...