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Don’t Fail an IVF Cycle by Underestimating Male Factors

Male Factor Infertility The Seed Test by Episona
Over 1 million couples seek fertility care each year in the U.S. Within this group 200,000+ IVF cycles are performed annually. If you are considering IVF, there is no shortage of testing and information you can go through on the female side. What’s missing is a solid grasp of the male’s role in IVF success. Even after fertilization, an embryo...

Common Causes of Male Infertility

Male infertility is often overlooked because most of the focus related to infertility is aimed at the woman. It is viewed as more of a woman's problem. However, it just so happens, that men account for nearly one out of three cases of infertility and are in some way or another involved in infertility issues almost 50% of the time....